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About Us

"We are passionate about quality and innovation"

Tui Tiny Homes Limited was established in 2019 by the current director, Lloyd Darroch. With decades of experience in the structural engineering field, boat building and his passion for innovative design and quality materials, Tui Tiny Homes quickly gained popularity amongst discerning buyers.  

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What makes Tui unique?

Tui Tiny Homes Ltd is an innovative company with a clever concept that enables all our homes, but specifically even our larger two-bedroom homes, to be transported on it's own road-legal trailer.  A large portion of the tiny home (the ‘slide-out’) can be quickly repositioned, by a single person, inside the main body of the home, making it real easy to move. 

Once the home has been moved to a new location, the slide-out is quickly returned to its extended position. Then mobile decks are positioned and the tiny home is ready to be re-occupied.

We are committed to adhering to the New Zealand building code, making sure your dream tiny home is both comfortable and a quality build.  

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