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NZ road legal mobile houses

Mobi-Homes are custom designed, one or two-bedroom, one level, road legal mobile homes designed and built in New Zealand.


What is a Mobi-Home?

Mobi-Home is a 100% road legal tiny home which you can pull on any New Zealand road with no additional traffic management requirements.  They meet the Land Transport New Zealand requirements to be a "load on a light trailer" and thus is classed as a "vehicle", not a "building" by the Building Act.  Mobi-Homes do not require a Building Consent or CCC.  They are built far stronger than the current building standards for a CCC as they need to withstand the movement when towed. Mobi-Homes are not caravans or campervans. 

Mobi-Homes are THOW, but not just any Tiny Home on Wheels - a road legal Tiny Home on Wheels.

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